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March 27, 2012

Printable: Love Coupons


Surprise your other half with these love coupons on valentine, their birthday or just any usual day. Inspired by old arcade tickets, your partner can redeem romantic or naughty treats. You can download the A4 template here free, and print on 250gsm matte paper(suggested).

1. You will need white glue, scissors, pen knife and ruler.

2. Cut out the individual coupons.

3. Score (lightly scratch with a pen knife) along the dotted line, so that the coupon can be easily torn out from the booklet. Be careful not to cut through or you'll not be able to attach the coupons together.

4. Cut out and fold the cover along the lines.  Arrange and align the coupons to the cover. Apply white glue to the spine. Its easier to apply using a Q-tip. Alternatively, you can just staple them together (but the paper is pretty thick and my staple didn't work).

5. Apply some more white glue to the sides of the spine to ensure it holds together.

6. This is how the final booklet will look like. You can also choose to fold the coupons as a strip, just like the arcade or cut the coupons out without the spines and give them as loose coupons. 

Have fun.


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Not you have to articles was so good, later to focus on.

I am looking for printable coupon for my electronic products, this post will help me.

Wonderful! What a great DIY. This will be great as coupons for kiddie parties too.

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